Is It Okay To Use No Gifts Please Wording On Invitation?

No Gifts Please Wording


You can use your invitation to convey the message that you do not want any gifts on your special day, although some experts advise against this. This is because when you mention “NO GIFTS”… you indirectly emphasize “GIFTS”. However, it is okay to mention “No Gifts Please Wording” on your invitation in a mannerly way.

You can be direct and simple by using “No Gifts Please Wording” or you as well can add somewhat a little text such as “Your present to us is your presence.” 

Or can also use some other short and simple No Gifts Please Wording or text from the below-mentioned messages…

Is It Okay to Ask for No Gift?

Have A No-Gift Holiday | Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County

Yes, it is okay to say to your guests “Please no gifts”. However, even after asking for no gifts, if your guest brings a gift, please do not deny the gift. Otherwise, your guest will get hurt.

If you only wish to enjoy your even for making memories then simply say to your guest “Please don’t bring a gift”. Be polite to express your feelings toward this gifting culture.

In case you are not okay with the gifting culture then simply ask your guests to do what you want for your event. So, as long as you ask them politely, it is perfectly fine to ask your guests not to bring home any gifts.

No Gifts Please Wording/Text

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“No gifts” can make the guest a little bit harsh. In case you’re taking the no-gifts route then you must consider making your phrase to one of these alternative phrasings:

  • Your affection and amity is the sole gift we desire or need. 
  • On our special day, we need nothing but your presence. The very best present for us is your presence on the dance floor!
  • As valued as your presents may be, they aren’t required as you will see. Only the presence of our friends and family will do, and thus make our day extraordinary too.
  • Please only bring your company as well as your appetite on our special day instead of any gifts.
  • Present us simply with the integrity of your presence rather than any gift item
  • Your appearance at the party is adequate for a gift.
  • We would desire your presence instead of your presence!
  • Having you and your family at our party is everything that we desire; however, contributions of your blessings towards our great future will greatly be appreciated
  • As you know we’re already lucky enough to possess a home together, so we’ve decided not to demand any gifts for our special day.
  • Your affectionate presence in our lives is a great present…we wish no other.
  • A lot of you are going to travel a long distance to attend our special day, so please don’t feel obliged to bring us anything else as a gift!
  • Your appearance is our best gift.
  • No gifts please, only your presence.
  • We wish to receive your presence, your blessings, and your good wishes as gifts.
  • Your presence will be the best present you could ever give us on our special day
  • Please, no gifts at all. Your loving presence is the best present for us.
  • Our kid is lucky enough to have all she/he needs in life. Your loving wishes are truly all we would like to have on our kid’s birthday.
  • We are going clutter-free here. So, we request you to help support this effort of ours by coming truly empty-handed to the event.


We advise insertion of any of the above No gifts please wording in the lower left or right corner of the invitation card so it does not affect your wedding phrasing yet is still visible. However, you can also place any of these No gifts please wording on the greeting cards rather than on the invitations.

‘No Gifts’ Invitation Samples You Can Use

Here are a few samples that you can use to ask your guests not to bring any gifts to the wedding or any other event you are organizing.

In Case You Do Not Prefer Gifts At All:

  • Your presence is enough, so, please do not bring gifts.
  • We are excited about your presence, and the presents you will bring. So, please bring no gifts. We truly appreciate your presence over any gifts.

In Case You Would Receive Funds Instead:

  • Instead of bringing any gifts, we’d admire a contribution made by you to our [house, honeymoon, or anything else that you need] fund.
  • For more detail about our wedding, you can visit [insert your wedding website link].

In Case Donations To Charity Is Asked:

  • Instead of bringing gifts, please consider donating to [charity chosen by the couple].
  • Please, do not bring gifts. Rather, consider donating to your favored charity


    Make it easy. Make it humorous. Make it significant. Whatever you do, simply say it without worrying that it will seem uncomfortable. Establishing limits for your family is very acceptable. Be adamant about it if you need to establish a limit on providing gifts.

    Even if the majority of people ignore your request, it still matters if just ONE person doesn’t bring a present because that’s one less object entering your home.

    No matter how you or your event planner phrase it, you might have some partygoers who just can’t stomach not bringing a present since it goes against all they have ever known.

    In case you accept a gift, thank the giver and then keep going.


    Q. Is It Okay To Use No Gifts Please Wording?

    A. YES, it is okay to use no gifts please wording. However, the very mention of “NO GIFTS, PLEASE” emphasizes the “GIFTS”. So, you must use your no gifts please wording wisely.

    Q. How Can I Use No Gifts Please Wording?

    A. We advise insertion of any of the above wording for no gifts in the lower left or right corner of the invitation card so it does not affect your wedding phrasing yet is still visible. However, for birthday parties, you can just simply inform your guest that you prefer no gift-giving. 

    Q. Is it rude to ask for no birthday gifts?

    A. Whether is it rude or polite to ask for no birthday presents, is dependent on your use of no gift please wording. Use your words wisely to ask for no gifts for the birthday party. 

    So, make it sweet instead of rude, you can say the only gift I want is your presence at my birthday/wedding/any other event.

    Q. How do you politely ask for no wedding gifts?

    A. To politely ask for no wedding gifts use soft and polite wording. To know more check out these no gifts please wordings…

    Q. How do you politely say no gifts?

    A. Simply request your guests not to bring a goodie bag for your kids on his/her birthday. Say. please don’t bring gifts, all I want is just you. Your presence will be the perfect gift.

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