Essay On All About My Mom For Students

all about my mom


Many times students are asked to write an essay on “All About My Mom”. Many times students get confused about what to write about mother. So, today I am giving a sample essay on All about your mom. So, see the essay below…

All About My Mom

My mother is very beautiful, her hair is long and her eyes are beautiful like a diamond. Thin but perfectly healthy to look at. She is about 35 years old. Always keeps her busy

I assist in my mother’s work according to my power. She does all the work of the house himself. In the morning, clean the house first. Makes food itself and feeds all with love. Wear clothes by washing clothes and pressing them.

We also play with us in the evening. Ramayana, Mahabharata also read stories of religious texts and great men The power to understand his thinking is very good. Home expenses also run well. The house rises first in the morning and sleeps only after all.

She loves listening to music. Keeps good information about music. She sings very well herself too She loves them singing hymns. My mother worships God daily and gives water to Basil. She looks like a goddess to us

All the house’s work is done very fast and efficiently. She is always happy. Caring for our body and health is like a nurse. Treatment of small diseases also likes a doctor.

My mother passes BA. She also takes great care of our studies. It also teaches us to teach and remember. Going to school also meets our class teacher and keeps on getting information about the progress of our studies.

Our mother is very pleased to see us happy. His love always shows love. Apart from our upbringing, we also forgive our mistakes. There is a statement from a European, I do not believe in the existence of God. But when I look at a mother, I start thinking that if it is really God, it will definitely be like a mother.

In this statement, she has expressed her devotion and selfless love. Whatever the nature of the mother in the eyes of the child, her mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. My mother loves to wear beautiful saris.

She knows very well what sari is to wear on any occasion. She worships Karwa Chauth and Ahoi with jewels and worships. On the occasion of festivals, She makes a great dish. Holi, Deepawali, Dusshera, Janmashtami, etc. celebrate all the festivals according to the statue.

She does not forget to give my sister and aunt to the shirt of Savan. From time to time, they do not forget to send gifts here. She respects my father very much, but he does not like to drink his wine. Sometimes this is a matter of concern in the house. Now my father has almost quit drinking. If you drink then out of the house.

She welcomes guests coming to the house, as well as the friends of Dad and our companions as possible. My mother considers the guest who comes home to be God. She never considers them to be burdensome. I understand that my mother has a very large role in running our house happily. I’m proud of my mother.

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