Home Depot Birthday Party for Your Kid!

Home Depot Birthday Party


Home Depot’s birthday party for kids is also available! Did you know that before? If you had no idea about the Home Depot birthday party then let us tell you about it in this article below. Parents of the birthday kid bring cake, snack foods, or lunch as well as drinks for other kids and teachers. 

What Does The Home Depot Birthday Party Kit Come With?

The Birthday Party Kit from Home Depot comes with utensils, plates, napkins, placemats, cups, balloons, hard hats, as well as a table cover.  Each of these Birthday Party kits covers enough for about 6 kids. 

Then you can pick to build a toolbox, birdhouse, bughouse, or butterfly house.  However, you can pick the birdhouses as more or less every kid desires a birdhouse in his or her backyard.

Make Something on The Birthday Party Of Home Depot:

Set out certain sleds, paint, and paintbrushes and you’re prepared to party! However, you must decide what to build on your kid’s birthday. And ask the Home Depot authority to arrange the required things.

The Home Depot classes are held on Saturdays and as per their schedule, they make things. So, don’t request to make something that isn’t on their list. 

What Home Depot Supplies for Birthday Party?

Home Depot authority provides an activity chamber that can hold more or less 12 to 15 kids. They also provide things to build something new for the children.

But they don’t provide food at the Home Depot’s birthday party. So, if you are planning to celebrate your kid’s birthday at a Home Depot then bring food for everyone present there.

For decoration, Home Depot delivers helium balloons, an apron, a Home Depot party kit for each birthday for each kid to build something amazing and something new, an instructor, a Certificate of Accomplishment, as well as a pin with a spitting image of the home depot birthday party kit on it.

So, if you are planning a birthday party for your beloved kid in association with a local Home Depot, make sure to know their rules and thus enroll your kid.

It is certain that your kid will have a great time learning new things with other kids on his or her special day. Many parents have been heading for such birthday parties recently.

So, in case your kid’s birthday is near, contact a local Home Depot store manager now to know all the details about the procedure and enroll your kid’s details today!

How Long Does The Home Depot Birthday Party Last?

Home Depot’s birthday party generally lasts between 1 and ½ hour to 2 hours intervals. Reservations fill up rapidly for the Home Depot’s birthday party and as the class is held only on Saturdays and once a month parents are requested to call at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

So, when you are planning to enjoy a birthday party in association with a local Home Depot store, make sure to contact them 1-2 months before your kid’s birthday comes.

Although the workshop session does not last more than 1-2 hours and thus, they offer many slots, the seats are limited. So, you need to hurry to make sure you get admission to the Home Depot Birthday Parties for your kid.

When is the Party held?

Local Home Depot Birthday Parties are generally held on every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. However, the parties aren’t held on the first Saturday of the month as that is when they hold their free workshop for kids.

What Do You Need To Carry With You?

The Home Depot parties are mainly kid’s workshop sessions that you can book for your kid’s birthday. Now, if you ask what you need to bring to the party then the answer is ‘NOTHING’. As far as the workshop is concerned, you simply need to bring nothing but your kid to the Home Depot store.

However, if you are planning to celebrate your kid‘s birthday with some snacks and drinks then you need to bring that yourself as Home Depot stores don’t provide food and beverages.

This is mainly because the workshop sessions hardly last for 1-2 hours. That is why the Home Depot stores do not arrange meals for the kids or the parents.

But there are often times when parents want to celebrate the birthday party with cake, snacks, and drinks. In such cases, the parents are responsible for bringing them all.


Each party kit from Home Depot comes with a certification of accomplishment that you can easily fill out for your children to keep a track of which activities in the workshop they have made!

The activities in the workshop are easy enough for your children to complete on their own without any frustration, however, not so effortless that your kids can get bored.


Q. When Does the Home Depot’s Birthday Party Hold?

A. The Home Depot’s birthday party is held every Saturday of the month except on the first Saturday of the month as on the first Saturday they hold the free “Home Depot kids workshops”.

Q. For How Long Was The Home Depot’s Birthday Party Held?

A. The Home Deport Kids workshop for Birthday Parties is held for 1 and a half hours to 2 hours. Here all the children take part in building something and have fun.

These well-thought-out kid workshops come with a complete toolbox so that your kid can have a great time and the best experience on his/her birthday.

Q. Does The Home Depot provide food for the party?

A. NO, Home Depot does not provide any food for the party. The parents have to bring cakes, snacks, and drinks.

However, you can do a close search or contact the store manager to confirm whether they are going to provide food or not. 

Q. What does the Home Depot’s birthday party kit contain?

A. The Home Depot Birthday Party Kit comes with utensils, plates, napkins, placemats, cups, balloons, and hard hats, as well as a table cover.  

Q. How does the Home Depot kids workshop work?

A. The foremost Saturday of every single month, from 9 am to noon, children and their parents can get free workshops at several Home Depot shops across the country. Here, kids get aprons, apron pins, and a certification of achievement for finishing their project.
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