How to Sell Your Broken Appliances For Cash?

Sell Your Broken Appliances For Cash


In case you have any old appliances that you need to throw away and also are in search of some extra money (who is not?), then there are numerous conducts through which you can make money. For that, you need to sell your broken appliances for cash.

Go through the article below to discover how you can excerpt worth out of your old non-working or working appliances and how to sell your broken appliances for cash.

How to Sell Your Broken Appliances For Cash:

People, who know the answer may find it silly. But not everyone is a pro in everything. Some people don’t know “how to sell your broken appliances for cash” and thus they end up throwing the broken appliances away. So, let’s now find out how to sell your broken appliances for cash…

Sell ​​by Advertising

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The best option where to place an old appliance is to place an advertisement on the Internet or newspaper. To do this, there are several options, such as OLX, Quikr, eBay, and the like, groups on social networks, and many more.

  • Take several good-quality photos of your broken device
  • Create an eye-catching headline for selling the appliance
  • Be truthful about the disorder of your broken device
  • Let the clients know whether you have repaired the appliances before
  • Include sizes of your appliances to the list
  • Do not forget to mention your location in the list
  • Tell the buyers why you are retailing the appliances
  • Check similar products while pricing your broken device
  • And you must also consider whether you are eager to negotiate on your preferred value
  • Respond to probable buyers quickly and chat with them about the product


Often such technology is purchased by fans of game consoles, students, rented apartments or summer residents.

Sell it to the Local Scrap Metal Recycler:

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Several larger city areas have scrap metal recycling yards that eagerly pay for your broken appliances, which can consequence in a fast means to make money.

Selling your broken appliance to the local scrap yard might cause some effort; some local scrap metal recyclers only take the metal slices of the device which means you will have to eliminate any non-metal portions of the product.

Also, it is significant when calling the recycling dealings to ensure they take scrap metal because not all the recyclers take only the scrap metals of the product.

Scrap metal recycler usually pays by the pound sterling – and values for recyclers may also vary – so it is clever to call a handful number of scrap metal recyclers before picking up one recycler to sell your broken appliances for cash.


Values for recyclers may also vary – so it is clever to call a handful number of scrap metal recyclers before picking up one recycler to sell your broken appliances for cash.

Delivery to a consignment store

A thrift store is a kind of outlet where you can turn in your old, non-working equipment and receive a commission after it is sold. Profit is formed according to two models: interest rate (from the sale of goods) or a fixed price (regardless of cost)

This method is great for those who do not want to deal with the sale themselves. The consignment store will do everything for you. Companies will try their best to sell the product. If the device is not sold within 20 days, then it will be given a 20% discount, and after another 2 weeks – 10%. Further promotions will be exhibited only after agreement with the seller.


In addition to technology, thrift stores accept many other things: clothes, dishes, antiques, souvenirs, textiles, decor items, etc.

Sell It Via Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace offers a fantastic venue for sellers to showcase their goods and connect with potential customers, boasting over two billion active users every month.

Its free nature is its primary advantage. You don’t have to pay any listing fees or commissions as you would on other online marketplaces.

Many prospective purchasers are always perusing the postings on the Marketplace since it is so widely used.

Another fantastic feature is how user-friendly it is. In only a few minutes, you can quickly establish a listing and begin marketing your product.

With its integrated messaging structure, you can easily get in touch with prospective customers and address any inquiries they might have about your product before they decide to buy it from you.

Hand Over to a Workshop

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This option allows you to get rid of non-working devices if there is any value to its owner. Some parts will go to repair other appliances, and the rest will be turned on for scrap. Few people know but some parts are coated with very expensive metals, even like gold and silver.

As in the case of pawns, it is appropriate to discuss all the details of the deal with the master beforehand: do they need your model, how much will they pay for it, by turning on the old appliance and coming for the money what’s better.

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Hand Over for A Pawn

Hand Over for A Pawn


Many pawn workshops take home appliances as collateral, but there are several conditions for this:

  • Appliance models should not be outdated;
  • The device must be powered on;
  • Availability of documents for devices.

If your appliance suits all points, don’t hesitate to contact the pawnshop. You cannot sell it as expensive as advertising, but this option also has its advantages. First, it will not take that much time to wait for the buyer’s call, and secondly, you should not bother to telephone inquiries.

Before you bring your appliance to a pawn shop, ring the outfits that are not far from your house. Then you don’t have to carry the device with you and look for places where you can sell your broken appliances for cash.


The contact number of such pawnshops can easily be found on the Internet.

Sell It On eBay

In case you are interested in selling used appliances online, among your first stops should be eBay. If you know what you’re doing, selling on eBay is easy and hassle-free.

The top explanations for why eBay is the ideal marketplace for secondhand appliances include the following:

It should come as little surprise that eBay gives vendors more visibility than other platforms given the number of customers it has worldwide.

Your products will not only be viewed by thousands of prospective buyers but they can even be reached with a few simple clicks from any location in the world!

Quick and easy listing setup is made possible by seller tools. Without technical skill or knowledge, you may submit photographs, write in-depth descriptions, and even provide several shipping options.

See how fast you can sell your used appliances and more by reading our post on how to market them on eBay if you want to learn more.

Sell Your Used Appliance to a Broker

Do you know what a used appliance the vendor is?

These individuals will purchase used appliances from individuals like you and refurbish them before reselling them to buyers.

Find a local “used appliance dealer” and ask whether they’d be interested in purchasing your used (but functional) appliance. You might also ask your neighborhood used appliance stores if they will buy the equipment from you by giving them a call.


Overall, selling older appliances can be a terrific option to quickly raise funds for new appliances or savings.

There are many methods available for selling your used appliances. You may quickly accumulate a small stack of cash from selling appliances if you do the proper study and planning.

Finding purchasers should be very simple; if required, use local newspaper ads, auction websites, or internet classifieds.

You may simply convert your unwanted household items into extra cash with the right strategy and preparation! Use can choose to sell it on eBay, Amazon, Facebook marketplace, or on a garage sale.

Selling appliances via these methods will help you get rid of unwanted products and help you earn some extra money!


Q. Where can I sell my used appliances online most effectively?

A. Among the most well-known websites, eBay, doesn’t charge you a price to list your things. Other well-known websites include OfferUp, Facebook, and Craigslist.

You may reach potential customers and instantly advertise your used appliances on these websites. Attempt selling locally at garage sales or small local appliance stores. A local appliance store often helps to sell old appliances. So, use any of the methods to sell used appliances or unwanted appliances.

Q. Can I sell used appliances fast?

A. Yes, you may easily and rapidly sell appliances that you do not use anymore. There are potential buyers out there who may need the item and will pay premium prices for the product.

Several choices consist of:

  • Adding your product to Amazon
  • Appliance selling to a local utility provider
  • Using Facebook groups to advertise
  • Selling to neighborhood stores or recyclers
  • The holding of a garage sale
  • Sell stuff locally for more money
Q. How do I handle the appliances’ shipping or delivery?

A. It is vital to provide dependable shipping alternatives with precise tracking information to guarantee that your consumers receive the goods on time.

Additionally, you can give them a predetermined delivery window. This will enable you to prepare for any possible postponements and provide them with a general sense of when to anticipate their package.

As they offer more effective and affordable options, third-party services like UPS or Amazon should also be taken into consideration for shipping and delivery.

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