What Are the Things Money Can’t Buy?

Things Money Can't Buy


Money is very important in today’s world and you can get many things on the basis of money. But there are some things money can’t buy, such as happiness. Happiness is a feeling that we humans find within ourselves. An object can please a person for some time but happiness is for the entire lifetime. If someone thinks that money can buy happiness, and then let me tell you that there are some things money can’t buy.

In most cases, people work hard to earn a lot of money because they believe that there are no things money can’t buy. And for this reason, they get less time for their social life. Many businessmen work 6 days a week and earn good money, but they do not have the time to spend money and that is why they are in tension. If people have money but they do not have time to enjoy life then life is useless.

Things Money Can’t Buy:

Things Money Can't Buy


Many people think that happiness can be achieved with the help of money or you need money to be happy. But there are some of us who believe that the best thing in life is freedom. There are many things that can make us really happy without any cost-recovery.

Friends, family, relationships are all precious such things money can’t buy and this is the real pleasure. Many people believe that wealth or pleasure can make them happy or buy things they believe they can please them.

Some people also have a misunderstanding that you can buy anything with money. Let’s assume that you can buy things you get in the market, but what about those things which are not available in the market?

Today, we will tell you things money can’t buy:

Competence, Skill, and Ability

Competence, Skill, and Ability


Ability, competence, skill is something that has no value. You can buy a qualified person but not his worth. No matter how much money you have, no matter how much money you get, or how much power you have, you will never be able to achieve it.




Faith is such a thing that if it is lost or broken, then it will never come back. No matter how much money you have, if you broke the faith of someone or you have lost faith because of your actions, no matter how much money you spend, lost faith never comes.




Many people may not agree with this fact. Because many people think that everyone who has money has respect everywhere. But this thing is wrong. Respect for money is not respected, his greatness is respected.

It has often been seen that regardless of the prestige you may get from the front but there is scarcely respect for you behind you. Because respect is due to your work, your ability, and your behavior, money is only flattery.

True Happiness

True happiness


This is among the most important things money can’t buy. With money, you can only buy worldly pleasures and some other things that you love but can’t buy true happiness.

Then there is a time when money is left to dust and the world does not remember your wealth, your ability and your true happiness. Do not know why people forget this eternal truth that in the end money does not go together. That is what remains and we become soil.

True Friendship:

True Friendship


You may say that rich people seem to have more friends than poor people. Well, if that so… they certainly are not the rich person’s true friend. True friends do not love you for your money.

A true friend is someone who will stand by you no matter what. Whether you are happy or sad or depressed, your true friend will always be by your side. And no one in this world can buy true friendship with money.

Love & Affection:

Love & Affection


No matter how rich you become can you buy the love and affection that you got from your parents? No one can ever buy love and affection of a parent. So, you can see that love and affection is among those things money can’t buy.

Some Other Things Money Can’t Buy:

Some Other Things Money Can’t Buy


You can’t buy True love. If that were so, then the rich man would have been living with his love today

Trust is priceless, this is the thing which once breaks, then does not come back, no matter how much money you spend

In life, you can’t buy good health; money can buy expensive medicines, but not health.

You can never buy knowledge with money. May be able to take admission in a good college with money, but to gain the knowledge you will have to work hard. You can buy a book with money, but you will only have to read it to gather knowledge.

We cannot buy the experience of others with money

With money, you can certainly fill the hobbies of the world but you cannot buy good rites with money

You cannot buy the time and the old memories with money that has passed away

With money, you cannot buy anybody’s fate

But people ignore the fact that the individual remains a slave of this money by trading its happiness, self-esteem, and happiness for coins.

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